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The Group

    The Millennium Group is an organization comprised primarily of retired FBI officers, but not just ordinary retired FBI officers.  Its organizational structure consisted of Elders, Patrons and Candidates at least as far as the television series revealed.  Each of its members represented the best in their field and  possessed special talents.  Although Frank Black denied that his gift was of a psychic nature, it was evident that he had abilities far beyond those of normal person.  Lara Means always maintained that her gift was of a psychic nature.

    The Millennium Group was a secret organization that formed in the early days of Christianity.  Its members were primarily Christian, Muslim, or Jewish in their beliefs and because their members always represented the greatest minds of the time, they were always in possession of the latest technological advances long before they became public.  Because they were a secret organization, created at the beginning of Christianity, they were the keepers of the religious secrets that existed in both Old Testament and New Testament time periods.  Some of which was not ready for public consumption, because the public would never be able to handle it, and lets face it, who wants to give up control of all that.  In two episodes of the second season entitled, "Owls" and "Roosters" it was revealed that there was a schism in the beliefs of its members.  The Roosters believed that the millennial return of Christ was imminent and due at the turn of the century.  The Owls believed in a secular millennium as opposed to a religious one, followed by Earth's destruction in 60 yrs. as a result of the impact of a shockwave, created by a neutron star collision.

    In order to become a member of the group it was necessary to participate in an initiation ceremony, written in Latin, involving a blood pact.  The initiation ceremony opened the initiate to the titanic forces of the divine.  After the initiation ceremony, a new member was given the secret knowledge that the group protected and possessed, in order to make them a fully functional Patron.  The combination of the initiation ceremony and the revelation of the secret knowledge that the group possessed was sometimes too much for a candidate to handle, which resulted in a nervous breakdown of the candidate.  Sometimes the candidate never recovered!  Having undergone an initiation of a similar nature I can assure you that such a thing is possible!

    So is it possible that there is a real Millennium Group in exactly the way it has been presented in this television show?  Yes it is Possible!  And its not called the Academy Group.  That's a piece of misdirection if I ever saw one.  The real truth is that there is an enormous amount of information that must be kept secret because it is still alive, and therefore must be protected by capable hands.  It is waiting to be known, but that can't happen until mankind loosens its childish death - grip on the way it thinks the universe is and begins to have an open mind.  Some of us are already there!  Most of us are not!  That's the problem!

    The split between the Group and the Family (mentioned in the episode "Anamnesis") at "The Cutting of the Elm" parallels the actual organizations of the Knights Templar and the Prieuré de Sion, respectively. This is confirmed by Ben Fisher's interest in Clare McKenna, who was suspected to be a descendant of Christ and Mary Magdalene, and a tattoo on his back: a red cross, the symbol of the Sion.

    In "Matryoshka," legendary Federal Bureau of Investigation director J. Edgar Hoover and assistant Clyde Tolson were shown resurrecting the ancient Millennium Group and integrating its beliefs into the United State government. The relationship between the FBI and the Group strengthens as more federal agents accept candidacy.

    Frank Black's immersion into Millennium Group politics lead him to believe they were a dangerous people, paranoid about the approaching millennium and corrupted by the very evil they were fighting against.  Through heinous crimes and unethical experiments, they were bringing about "an apocalypse of their own creation."  Among these experiments was the Group-engineered Marburg Virus which, in the spring of 1998, resurfaced in the Pacific Northwest and claimed the lives of seventy-some people... including Catherine Black.

[recap: The Beginning and the End, Beware of the Dog, The Hand of Saint Sebastian, Luminary, Owls, Roosters, Anamnesis, The Fourth Horseman, The Time Is Now, The Innocents, Exegesis, Skull and Bones, Collateral Damage, The Sound of Snow, Matryoshka, Seven and One, Bardo Thodol, Via Dolorosa, Goodbye to All That.]

    The Millennium Group, however, isn't going to sit around waiting for a happy ending.  Through the years they have been a group of determined and (at times) desperate people trying to find clues in the "events" of our history, looking for moments when the human and the inhuman have crossed paths, studying whatever possible clues they can find, and attempting to piece together the future.  They are trying to find the appropriate branch of the future to take, the branch which will shift the control from these inhuman elements and into their hands.  These objectives have forced them to ignore conventional ethics governing individuals in exchange for the responsibly of ensuring the survival of mankind.


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