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The Group

Season Two

The Beginning and The End
Air date:  9/19/97
Written by  Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by  Thomas J. Wright
Key Phrase:  "And now there is silence, silence, silence, saying all we did not know." William Rose Benet (Same as last episode from last season)

    As Frank frantically searches for his kidnapped wife he's disconcerted and angered to learn that he is not been privy to all the Millennium Groups secrets.

Commentary:  You haven't lived till you've felt the despair of Frank at the beginning of this one.  Peter Watts and three other members of the Millennium Group show up at SeaTac to help unrequested.  That's the extent of their monitoring capability.  Jordan see's angels.  Another name for comets originates from the Latin words Dia Star, Diabolical Star, or Disaster.  In Astrology they are unexpected harbingers of cosmic change.  In history they have had a knack for appearing at the end of empires and the beginning of violent times.  Frank finds out the group has known who his stalker is for a long time.  The stalker asks Catherine if she would give her life to God and then asks if she would give her life for Jordan.  Which indicates we were headed for the episode "The Time Is Now" last season.  That although these episodes may appear on the surface to be fragmented, in reality they are not.  The stalker uses a mix of phrases from Thunder Perfect Mind and Revelation.  I don't understand why Catherine left him if it was for any reason other than shell shock.



Beware Of The Dog
Air date:  9/26/97
Written by  Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by  Alan Coulter
Guest:  R.G. Armstrong as the Old Man
Key Phrase:  None or Maybe  Previous

    Frank investigates killings of a small town overrun by a pack of vicious dogs and encounters a mysterious old man and 24 obelisks bearing the millennium group logo.

Commentary:  The Old Man knows what Frank is there to learn and he's been expecting him.  I like how Frank challenges the Old Man when he says, "Now how can I respect that?"  A student that doesn't challenge his teacher isn't fit to be taught.  The dogs most likely wouldn't cross the stone circle, but Frank didn't know that.  The dogs would know there were dead people in the ground under those stones.  The dots representing the dogs on the security panel converge into the old man on the TV camera.  He asks Frank, "Did you learn it yet?"  For someone who made so few appearances in the show The Old Man seemed to exert an influence on every episode.


Sense And Antisense
Air date: 10/3/97
Written by Chip Johannessen
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Key Phrase:  "Control of third world population designated secret national policy."  National Security Memo 200 (1971)

    While tracking down a man with a deadly contagious virus Frank begins to suspect that the government is using TRUCKS to conduct experiments and using transients as subjects.

Commentary:  None


Air date: 10/17/97
Written by Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by Perry Lang
Key Phrase:  "The first thing we do, lets kill all the lawyers."  Henry IV, Pt. 2, Act 4, SC 2

    While investigating the owner of a day-care center on charges of child abuse, Frank is shocked to find himself facing similar charges from his own family.

Commentary:  This is the first appearance of Kristen Cloke as Lara Means.  When Frank first meets her she is very protective of the kids and the school.  Frank and Lara discover they were both sent there and information about the other was deliberately withheld.  Catherine has a major confrontation with Peter Watts over the group.  


A Single Blade Of Grass
Air date: 10/24/97
Written by Erin Maher & Kay Reindl
Directed by Rodman Flender
Guest:  Floyd Red Crow Westerman as the Old Indian
Key Phrase:  None

    Circumstances surrounding the discovery of the body of a Native American man at an archeological dig convince Frank than a prophecy is behind the man's death

Commentary:  I make special tribute here to Floyd Red Crow Westerman.  I'd love the chance to spend an afternoon with you.  I have loved everything you have done.  I believe you know how to act like a Human Being.  One of the few in the world that can.  I loved how this episode illustrated how small an event could be in order to fulfill a prophecy, yet the overall time line of man remains unchanged.  That's powerful teaching.  Floyd always seems connected with works of this kind, that's why I like him and how I've come to see nearly everything he's done.



The Curse Of Frank Black
Air date: 10/31/97
Written by Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by Rolf Hemecker
Key Phrase:  "Do you ever find yourself talking with the dead? Since Willie's death, I catch myself every day, involuntarily talking with him as if he were with me." —Abraham Lincoln (upon the death of his son)

    A night spent trick or treating with Jordan makes Frank realized he's becoming just like the lovely old man who lived in the creepy old house in his childhood neighborhood.

Commentary:  None


Air date: 11/7/97
Written by Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Key Phrase:  None

    As Frank searches for a group of missing children he realizes that instead of harming them the kidnapped are only wants to save the one he has foreseen will be important in the future.

Commentary:  The Group can track the purchase of any Bible purchased in the U.S. and they can fix your parking tickets too!  So at the end  were the kidnapers good or evil?  Were they working for God or were they working for the Devil.  Study this subject long enough and you will find that good and evil exist but that neither of them are real.  We've all read of stories like this one in their individual elements.  All rolled together makes a wondrous story.


The Hand Of St. Sebastian
Air date: 11/14/97
Written by Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Key Phrase: None

    Frank and Watts travel to Germany after a mummified body dating back to the beginning of Christianity and coincidentally the beginning of the Millennium Group, is discovered.

Commentary:  Below is all you would ever care to know about St. Sebastian from the Catholics themselves.  Sorry, there's nothing about a hand.  If I'm not mistaken there's a hand kept as a relic from another Saint.  In fact the church that has it now, stole it from the church who had it first. 


Memorial24kb jpg Saint Sebastian holy card, based on the painting 'San Sebastian', 1525, by Antonio Bazzi detto il Sodoma (1477-1549), Galleria Palatina, Firenze

20 January


Son of a wealthy Roman family. Educated in Milan. Officer of the Imperial Roman army, and captain of the guard. Favorite of Diocletian. During Diocletian's persecution of the Christians, Sebastian visited them in prison, bringing supplies and comfort. Reported to have healed the wife of a brother soldier by making the Sign of the Cross over her. Converted soldiers and a governor.

Charged as a Christian, Sebastian was tied to a tree, shot with arrows, and left for dead. He survived, recovered, and returned to preach to Diocletian. The emperor then had him beaten to death.

During the 14th century, the random nature of infection with the Black Death caused people to liken the plague to their villages being shot by an army of nature's archers. In desparation they prayed for the intercession of a saint associated with archers, and Saint Sebastian became associated with the plague.

at Narbonne, Gaul

martyred c.288 at Rome




archers, armourers, arrowsmiths, athletes, bookbinders, diseased cattle, dying people, enemies of religion, fletchers, gardeners, iron mongers, lacemakers, laceworkers, masons, plague, police, racquet makers, Rio de Janeiro, soldiers, Spanish police officers, stone masons, stonecutters

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arrows of martyrdom; naked youth tied to a tree and shot with arrows; arrows; crown


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Additional Information

Iconography of Saint Sebastian Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society,
Catholic Online,
Domestic Church,
Catholic Encyclopedia



Jose Chung'S Doomsday Defense
Air date: 11/21/97
Written by Darin Morgan
Directed by Darin Morgan
Key Phrase:  None

    With the help of novelist Jose Chung, Frank tries to track down a murderer only to realize that Chung himself is most likely the murderer's third victim.

Commentary:  I loved Jose Chung's prophecy for the new millennium.  1,000 years of the same old crap!  That's a prophecy I can believe!



Midnight Of The Century
Air date: 12/19/97
Written by Erin Maher & Kay Reindl
Directed by Dwight Little
Key Phrase:  None

    On Christmas Eve Frank experiences flashbacks from his childhood after Jordan draws an angel identical to the one in his mother how can draw when he was five years old.

Commentary:  This episode is so real, the characters so believable, so personal.  It always makes me cry.  Frank is told by a Fetch that to some people with a special perception, they might not have to wait till midnight on the winter solstice, to see a Fetch.  The spirits walking the streets that Jordan and Frank saw were Fetches.  Raising children with the gift is extra difficult.  The only place for the Shaman in the Modern World is a mental institution.


Goodbye Charlie
Air date: 1/9/98
Written by Richard Whitley
Directed by Ken Fink
Key Phrase:  "Let us go in; the fog is rising." — Emily Dickinson, her last words, 1886

    Frank and Laura try to track down a disturbed man who is convinced he's helping terminally ill people by forcing them to end their own lives.

Commentary:  None


Air date: 1/23/98
Written by Chip Johannessen
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Key Phrase:  None

    When Frank travels to Alaska to find the missing young man, he finds clues that lead him to suspect the man may have deliberately disappeared in order to begin a new life.

Commentary:  A recipe for how to live a life that is your own in a world like today.


The Mikado
Air date: 2/6/98
Written by Michael A. Perry
Directed by Roderick J. Pridy
Key Phrase:  None

    When Internet users witness a murderer on a "Live Sex" website, Frank fears that a serial killer known as Avatar is behind the gruesome act and already lining up his next victim.

Commentary:  Very creepy, very disturbing.  The Millennium Group has an impressive computer system.  Frank says, "I can't put it into words.  What I do exists on the other side of words." Anything that can't be expressed in words comes from the realm of the unconscious.  The realm of the mind that communicates through images, symbols and feelings, but no words.  The inner world of our dreams.  This is also the source of all religion or some might say, mythology.  I say they are both the same thing.


The Pest House
Air date: 2/27/98
Written by Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by Allen Coulter
Key Phrase:  None

    While investigating a series of murders similar to those committed by inmates in a psychiatric hospital, Frank become suspicious when an inmate accuses a male nurse of stealing his dreams.

Commentary:  The concept of eating demons arises in many cultures, from  many lands.  Contemporarily it is a method employed by Satanists to gain power.  At any rate that's what this guy is doing.  He eats their negativity, their fears and their nightmares, unfortunately they become lobotomized in the process.  Peter Watts always had a cell phone.  Frank didn't until much later.  I get the idea Frank didn't like modern technology much.  The description of what happened to nurse Rachel at the hands of Woodcock is what happens when a person is vamped through sexual abuse to the point they become a vampire themselves, or they go drool in the corner for the rest of their lives.  I know people like this.  According to occult theory a demon can feed on the energies generated by the act of sex to maintain and strengthen its hold on its present host or as an avenue to transfer to a new host.  At least so the superstition goes.


Air date:  3/6/98
Written by  Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by  Thomas J. Wright
Guest:  R.G. Armstrong as the Old Man
             Kristen Cloke as Lara Means
             Glenn  Morshower as Richard Gilbert (The Elder)
Key Phrase:  None

    As an internal division threatens to split the millennium group into two parts, one known as owls and the other as roosters, Frank decides it's time to leave the group

Commentary:  Imagine, Muslims attempting to recover a piece of the cross of the crucifixion for the Millennium Group.  It seems inevitable that when groups get together, they invariably divide in two.  "Guide Or Control" that is the question.  Watch the look on Peters' face change when confronted with that question.  You can tell he's never even considered it before.  Peter confesses that the Millennium Group is comprised of mostly Masons' and represent the modern day manifestation of the founding fathers of America.  It is they, for the sake of freedom and liberty, who have kept their finger on the pulse of man, or so Peter would say.  It takes 10 yrs to attain the rank of Elder in the Millenium Group. 


Air date: 3/13/98
Written by Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Guest:  Kristen Cloke as Lara Means
             Glenn  Morshower as Richard Gilbert (The Elder)
Key Phrase:  None

    Frank learns that a third group has been working to bring about the demise of the millennium group, unaware that the same group has been using his wife in an attempt to get to him.

Commentary:  It is the symbol of the lightening flash, the Sig rune of the Norse, anything having to do with lightening, the symbol of the Nazi SS.  Since Roosters proclaim the end of the world and the owls don't, I'll take it from his statement, "I've seen the end of the world." to be a qualified Rooster position.  When Peter Watts walks into Franks basement, to the spot where The Old Man died, Peter bends on one knee and raises his left index finger to his lips.  This is the Sign of Harparcrote (The Sign of Silence).  It ties in with The Four Virtues of The Sphinx:  To Know, To Will, To Dare and To  Remain Silent.  These were the principles taught by The Group hence the phrase, "This is who we are."  Originally a secret form of greeting amongst the members of the early Gnostic Christian Church.  The Gnostics were hunted because they refused to bow before Caesar either in representation or in the flesh.  Deceased members of the group are buried in the seated position, as if they were seated on a cubical Pharonic throne, with the right hand over the left hand.  This is The Sign Of Osiris Risen of the Egyptians, It is also the Vish Vajra Mudra of the Buddhists.  It is part of the formula of LVX , light, in, extension.  I could go on here, but I wont, that's for you to do.  The Millennium Group actually goes back to the origins of the Masons in Egypt, and yes, the Masons really do go back that far.  In fact the Masons go further back than that, but that's for another time.  Lara reveals that the Owls had scientific proof that an advancing shockwave from the collision of two neutron stars would strike the Earth in sixty years.  The Old Man is killed by Odessa in Franks basement.


Air date: 4/17/98
Written by Erin Maher & Kay Reindl
Directed by John Peter Kousakis
Key Phrase:  None

    Catherine meets five girls who claim that they saw a vision of the Virgin Mary, and is then further stunned when one of the girls claims to know about the man who kidnapped her.


Main Entry: an·am·ne·sis 
Pronunciation: "a-"nam-'nE-s&s
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural an·am·ne·ses  /-"sEz/
Etymology: New Latin, from Greek anamnEsis, from anamimnEskesthai to remember, from ana- + mimnEskesthai to remember -- more at MIND
1 : a recalling to mind : REMINISCENCE
2 : a preliminary case history of a medical or psychiatric patient
3 : knowledge from an intuitive source

    Lara says, "Having confirmed a FAMILY member is here I'm having doubt in my ability to stand by."  The Family are the descendants of the blood line of the union of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.  The Holy Grail.  If you understand how Tantra  works, it always involves opposites to get the energy flowing.  That's why Mary Magdalene received the highest teachings of all the disciples.  It's just that nobody wants to officially  confess that.  It's not popular with those in power and has been treated as a dirty little secret by the Ctholic Church.  "If you bring forth what is in you, what you bring forth will save you.  If you do not bring forth what is in you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you" is a statement from the Gospel of Thomas.  Claire is absolutely right when she says that she knows her life is screwed.  Once you have these abilities your life is never the same afterward.  Once you have these abilities your life is never your own afterward. You become like the Shaman in the rain forest, living outside the social unit, so you may commune better with the  spirit world.



A Room With No View
Air date: 4/24/98
Written by Ken Horton
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Key Phrase:  None

    While investigating the disk turns of the missing high school student, Frank suspects that Lucy Butler, the woman who murdered Bletcher, is behind the abductions.

Commentary:  Lucy Butler returns.  I'll clear up what she is.  She is a paranoid schizophrenic.  One of her personalities is male and possesses great strength.  Most paranoid schizophrenics possess genius IQ's, as does Lucy.   Having worked in  psych ward I can assure you such a thing is possible.  When a new persona emerges, the face of the patient will many times undergo a change of appearance.  If Lucy Butler were a living person I wouldn't be surprised if she had been molested initially between ages six and ten, and that it had been ongoing and severe.   I've known people like her.  They are thoroughly dangerous.



Air date: 3/20/98
Written by Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by Allen Coulter
Guest:  Vivian Wu as Tamara Shui Fa Lee
Key Phrase:  None

    Frank gets involved in the case of an illegal Asian immigrant after Jordan sees the woman and then tells her mother that the woman will save Frank's life.

Vivian Wu

Vivian Wu

Commentary:  I could gaze into those eyes for eternity.  Lets forget that the part she plays is a SUCCUBUS!


In Arcadia Ego
Air date: 4/3/98
Written by Chip Johannessen
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Key Phrase:  None

    Frank tries to help to female serial killers who have escaped from prison and who believe one of them is pregnant with God's "miracle baby."

Commentary:  None


Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me
Air date: 5/1/98
Written by Darin Morgan
Directed by Darin Morgan
Key Phrase:   None

    Four devils swapping stories in a doughnut shop are surprised to discover the man named Frank Black has glanced all of their true forms and subsequently put a damper on all their fun.

Commentary:  Watch this and the idea of devils running around will seem ludicrous for the rest of your life.  I love the tone of compassion for the devils at the end.


The Fourth Horsemen
Air date: 5/8/98
Written by Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by Dwight Little
Guest:  R.G. Armstrong as The Old Man
             Kristen Cloke as Lara Means
Key Phrase:  "So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given to them over the fourth of the Earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death... and by the beasts of the earth." —Revelation 6:8

    As a deadly virus begins sweeping the country, Frank learns the Millennium Group is behind the outbreak and has only produced enough vaccine for those within the group.  Pay close attention to the men in yellow biohazard suits.  Look at the black square shoulder patch on the right shoulders of the investigators there.  Notice the symbol of the Millennium Group?  Took me years to notice that.

Commentary:  We in the west will experience a plague caused by some lab experiment, because we are so afraid of it.  If we were not afraid of it, it wouldn't happen, something else would.  Terrorists don't terrorize a populace with what it doesn't fear.  If we were in complete control of ourselves a terrorist could have no hold on us.  Thus the extent of terrorism in the world is an indicator of the collective lack of self control of a given population.  Lara Means is initiated into The Group.  Lara told Frank that she would do anything to help him.  She gave up her vaccine so Jordan could live. 

    "Faith fills in the holes of uncertainty.  Elements that are never meant to be known: God. Death.  The Group creates uncertainties with their secrets: that's not faith... that's control.  They know the sickness that killed Mogilny, but if they won't inform anybody outside the Group, they are not seeing prophecy fulfilled... they are fulfilling their own... for the purpose of control.  Peter, Revelations is not a prophecy!"



The Time Is Now
Air date: 5/15/98
Written by Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Guest:  Kristen Cloke as Lara Means
Key Phrase:  None

    With no time to lose, Frank, Catherine and Jordan take refuge in a remote cabin in the mountains hoping to escape the deadly virus.

Commentary:  Peter Watts is cut off from Level Blue computer access.  In order to access Level Blue and research the Marburg virus, Peter breaks into The Groups Archive to steal The Old Mans recorded Logon.  While searching for The Old Mans trunk Peter finds a Morley cigarette butt on the floor.  The Smoking Man from the X-Files is a member of the The Group and a part of a section of The Group responsible for handling the UFO issue.  The Millennium Group handles many issues.


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