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    This web site is about the television series Millennium.  You will find that this is unlike any other Millennium web site on the internet today.  What this web site will demonstrate is that the majority of episodes of this television series did not come from the fanciful imaginations of the writers, but instead were based on the spiritual disciplines of the West and as such have a basis in fact.   As a result I think it is safe to say that the writers of Millennium knew more about this subject than they revealed. Whether you accept this or not is entirely up to you, however everything that I state here is based upon verifiable facts that can be found in nearly every library in the United States, if you decide to go looking for the truth.  This web site is organized into the three seasons of the television series, with a synoptic breakdown of each episode and the hidden truths contained in them.  There is also a Millennium Forum and you don't have to join anything to post a message there.  Simply click on a button at the left for the Forum or the appropriate season and you're ready to begin your journey.

    I never expected that I would be writing a Millennium web site and the undertaking is enormous in its scope.  Consequently I have had to rely heavily on the Millennium FAQ which is located at  The Millennial Abyss.  All quotations from this site will be kept to a minimum and will be in RED.  The guy who wrote that site never ceases to amaze me in the research he's done.  I hope to add to that knowledge, just as he and this television show has added to mine.  I feel a tremendous pressure to get the knowledge and information this show presented clearly stated because it is obvious that some of us didn't get it.  That's why I'm doing this.


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