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    It's Sunday April 03, 2005 at the time of this paragraph.  I'm starting this page now so I can begin writing the summation as I complete this site.  Below are my thoughts and feelings as I walk the journey.

    It is obvious the story of the Millennium TV series has struck a very deep chord in some people.  I think the most likely reason why is that the characters presented are characters that we are all too well familiar with.  That's it's charm!  That's what makes it so easy to believe.  We all know the cop who lives in the house at the corner.  We all know who the psychopath is.  He's the guy at the shipping and receiving department in the grocery store.  He's the normal looking guy standing behind you in line at the check-out counter at the drug store.  He's the stranger we met somewhere.  There's no way we can say this condition of life isn't true!

    We all personally know people who have exhibited psychic abilities.  Some of the people reading these words right now, are those people.  I have clairvoyant dreams.  Certainly not every day and I don't always understand them completely when they happen, but the message is clear enough and the events have been documented.  Even still there is nothing I can do to stop it from happening.  I know because I have tried.

    Once upon a time there was a group of christian fundamentalists who adopted a "Pre-Millennialist" (Look the word up) point of view.  Well - Jesus hasn't come back yet.  The Dome Of The Rock still stands right where it was in the last century.  There is no new temple created in its place and the old sacrifices have NOT been re-instated.  Looks like the "Pre-Millennialist's" were WRONG!!!  Looks like the "Rooster's" were WRONG!!!  We will not know if the Owls were wrong until 2060 when the energy released from the collision of two neutron stars reaches our planet.  I'm not even sure if this event is a legitimate possibility, but I do recall hearing something about this event somewhere from another source other than the show.  I did some research on the web and I couldn't believe what I found that the news never covered.  Click on this .  For the moment it looks like, "somebody saw a different future."  It looks like this idea, which should have died at the last turn of the century, is not worthy of further consideration.  Beware of philosophies that cannot survive without arousing fear! (Armageddon)  All those that do are false! That which is true and divine does not originate out of fear or provoke it in others!  Because we have developed beyond this point as a collective humanity and these things no longer control our thoughts, it may come to pass, that mankind may approach more closely to its' true potential, and thus, far greater things are yet to be seen from man.  I hope this is true!  Or our old worn out fears will be replaced with new ones. (i.e. New York City 09/11/2001).  Unfortunately for mankind's sake the same people that sought to spread fear of the end of the world are still busy spreading their lies, only with a different tune and people are still believing it and being mislead.  As Frank Black said, "Revelations is NOT a book of prophecy."  It is a representation in symbolic imagery, of what a person encounters when they confront the darkness inside themselves on their way to a new kind of life and nothing more than that.

    The episode Anamnesis reveals some of the teachings of the Gnostic Gospels.  One of the tenants of the Gnostic Gospels is, "He who drinks from my mouth shall become like me (Jesus) and I shall become him."  This means that Jesus takes up residence inside each one of us.  If this is the case then it is pointless to wait for the second coming of Christ because he's ALREADY HERE!  This is what we were supposed to learn through this television show.  This is what it was trying to tell us.

    In the Gospel Of Thomas, Jesus is asked by his disciples, "When will the kingdom of God come?"  And Jesus replied, "The kingdom of God shall not come by waiting or watching for it.  It is already here, but men see it not!" The kingdom of God is lost when each one of us accepts a poor substitute for the way things could be, in favor of something more expedient.  Which brings to mind a bumper sticker I saw once on the back of an Ex-Mormon's car, "You get what you settle for!"  What is it that we have settled for and what is it we could have had instead?  Why are we so ready to accept less than what could be?

    All "Pre-Millennialists" were FORCED to restructure their entire lives, and their entire belief system when they woke up on 01/01/2000.  Which turned out to be a day just like the one before it.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED OF A SOCIAL, COSMIC OR GEOLOGICAL NATURE ON MAY 5TH, 2000.  Which is when the planetary alignment took place.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED OF A SOCIAL, COSMIC OR GEOLOGICAL NATURE ON JAN 01, 2000 or even the year after that.  And Y2K came and went without notice.

    Revelation as written in the Bible, is the events that transpire in the mind of the believer, as a result of the interplay of the forces of opposites (duality) in his or her mind.  That's why it is called a REVELATION!  Get it it?  It's the Revelation of St. John.  Not the Prophecy of St. John!  The forces of opposites work like the story of Sambo and The Lion.  They cause the mind to chase after things, until it collapses from the chase and the activity of the chase stops.  When that happens,  ENLIGHTENMENT, SATORI, NIRVANA, NO MIND, BLISS, PERFECTION and yes - the peace that pass all understanding!  And guess what?   You're not doing anything to make it happen!  That's the brilliance of this method and there are many other methods if this one doesn't work for you.  The problem is that a lot  of people experience this and never recognize it for what it is, and then go looking for it again, on and on like this for decades!   How do I know this?  I used to be one of these people!

    I wonder about the people who have created and follow the worlds three great religions and other religions that openly embrace the concept of doomsday or armageddon.  You see, religion, any religion, was not handcrafted by God.  Religion is only a record of the interplay between man and the divine written or verbally transmitted by MEN.  What do prophecies of doomsday or armageddon say about the minds they originated from?  Do they not reflect an inner desire for self destruction?   Don't these ideas attempt to control the actions of people out of fear?  Are these mentally stable people?  I think not!

    The vast majority of people either reject all study of this subject, claiming it's too big for them to understand or that the study of this subject has little value. Or they openly embrace the programming of others who claim to be authorities, rather than think for themselves.  When in fact these so called leaders are only parroting what they have been told by others and have no direct experience (WISDOM) with the subject.  The truth is that neither of these positions is correct.  There is tremendous value to be gained in the study of revelation.  It is not beyond the comprehension of anyone who is willing to think and understand themselves.


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