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Cheryl Andrews
Mike Atkins
Catherine Black
Frank Black
Jordan Black
The Elder
Lara Means
The Old Man

Catherine Black    As a clinical social worker, Catherine had deep insight into the darker aspects of the human condition. Frank's increasing involvement with The Millennium Group led her to question the safety of her own family. She told Frank: "It's about things that happen to us that don't happen to other people." Following her abduction by the Polaroid Stalker, Catherine and Frank separated so she could distance herself and Jordan from her husband's dangerous work.

    Catherine's tragic exposure to the Marburg Virus fueled Frank's anger toward The Millennium Group, which he believed engineered the deadly plague.

[appearances: The Pilot, Gehenna, Dead Letters, The Judge, 522666, Kingdom Come, Blood Relatives, The Well Worn Lock, Wide Open, The Wild and the Innocent, Weeds, Force Majeure, The Thin White Line, Sacrament, Covenant, Walkabout, Lamentation, Powers, Principalities, Thrones, and Dominions, Paper Dove, The Beginning and the End, Beware of the Dog, Monster, Midnight of the Century, Luminary, Owls, Roosters, Siren, Anamnesis, The Fourth Horseman, The Time Is Now, The Sound of Snow]


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