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Cheryl Andrews
Mike Atkins
Catherine Black
Frank Black
Jordan Black
The Elder
Lara Means
The Old Man

The Old Man    The leader of The Millennium Group, he was responsible for educating candidates on the nature of Evil. Among them: Frank Black who visited Bucksnort on the request of Peter Watts. [Beware of the Dog] Traveled to Seattle and, through his death, reunited The Millennium Group, which had begun disintegration through the influence of Odessa. When questioned by Lara Means on what faction he believed, he replied that he had already "seen the end of the world" when Rudolph Axmann had his parents gassed at Auschwitz. [Owls, Roosters] It's revealed that The Old Man approached Peter Watts with an offer to join The Millennium Group. Watts, going through an especially difficult period, saw comfort in The Group, and agreed. [The Time Is Now]






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