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Cheryl Andrews
Mike Atkins
Catherine Black
Frank Black
Jordan Black
The Elder
Lara Means
The Old Man

Frank Black    Frank was a retired FBI agent who specialized in criminal profiling -- a profession he excelled at due to his unique ability to "see inside the mind of a killer." After moving to Seattle with his wife Catherine and daughter Jordan, he offered his services to the local police department via the Millennium Group, an organization that believed pre-millennial fever was responsible for the increase in crime.

    His submersion into the Group led to a painful separation from Catherine and the realization his employers were dangerous people who would later unleash a deadly plague that would kill his wife.

    Following Catherine's death, Frank and Jordan relocated to Falls Church, Virginia, where he resumed work for the FBI and was teamed with the inexperienced Emma Hollis. She would aid his many investigations into the Group and their heinous crimes. However, their strong, trusting relationship was soon shattered when Emma accepted membership with the Group. At the same time, Frank received a mysterious folder of information that sparked his unexpected departure from Falls Church. [appearances: all episodes but Anamnesis]


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