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Cheryl Andrews
Mike Atkins
Catherine Black
Frank Black
Jordan Black
The Elder
Lara Means
The Old Man

Peter Watts    Peter Watts left his position as Assistant Director of the FBI's Violent Crimes Task Force to join The Millennium Group, which promised him, like Frank, understanding in a chaotic world. He later became a senior member of the Group and Patron to Frank Black, assisting him on numerous Group assigned cases.

    As the Marburg Virus spread across the Pacific Northwest, Frank challenged his colleague and friend to realize the controlling, manipulative nature of the Group. While trying to reach Lara Means, the Group abducted Peter and somehow restored his loyalty.

    Peter then followed Frank to Quantico and worked toward damaging both Frank's credibility and his accusations against The Group. Ultimately, he accepted the truth of Frank's claims and to protect his family (wife: Barbara, daughters: Chelsea, Erin, and Taylor), tried to expose The Group by giving Frank a folder of sensitive information. His actions saved Frank and Jordan's lives... at the cost of his own.

[appearances: The Pilot, Gehenna, 522666, Blood Relatives, The Wild and the Innocent, Weeds, Force Majeure, Walkabout, Lamentation, Powers, Principalities, Thrones, and Dominions, Broken World, Maranatha, The Beginning and the End, Beware of the Dog, Sense and Antisense, Monster, 19:19, The Hand of St. Sebastian, Jose Chung's "Doomsday Defense," Midnight of the Century, Luminary, The Mikado, The Pest House, Owls, Roosters, Anamnesis, A Room With No View, The Fourth Horseman, The Time Is Now, Exegesis, Skull and Bones, Collateral Damage, Matryoshka, Forcing the End, Bardo Thodol, Via Dolorosa, Goodbye To All That]


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